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14 Nov

Dienstag, 14. November 2017, 11:00 bis 14:00 in Düsseldorf

Universitätsmedizin Essen

eHealth Venture Summit 2017

The eHealth Venture Summit at MEDICA HEALTH IT FORUM brings together key firms from the pharmaceutical, communication, insurance, med-tech and the hospital industry with state of the art eHealth start ups. The key purpose is to present a clear and forward thinking strategy overview of an innovative environment with special regards to infrastructure and funding and to implement eHealth on a national and international level. The summit will provide an overview about global eHealth developments, a short outlook of industry specific strategies of key healthcare industry players and panel presentations of worldwide leading eHealth start ups.
Meet the hottest trends and innovations in Health IT as well as investment at the “eHealth Venture Summit”. This event at the MEDICA HEALTH IT FORUM showcases new companies, offers valuable insights and shall foster strategic partnerships and investment opportunities crucial to bringing innovative products to market.

The event will feature seasoned industry experts from leading companies and funding specialists. The conference is jointly organized by CureMyWay, Jerusalem (Israel) and the University Hospital Essen in cooperation with CatCap GmbH, EurA AG and MEDICA HEALTH IT FORUM.

eHealth Venture Summit Innovation Award

The “eHealth Venture Summit Innovation Award” offers eHealth Start-ups the opportunity to obtain critical peer review and to get in contact with potential investors. The finalists will have the opportunity to meet the experts face-to-face, to prove the merit of their idea and receive valuable advice and guidance for potential joint next steps, e.g. in form of joint pilot phases – an opportunity that money really cannot buy.

Winning the eHealth Venture Summit Innovation Award offers unparalleled clinical and commercial validation, as well as valuable exposure to an international audience that should help spur investors and other interested parties to take note of your innovation and help it progress towards benefiting patients.

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