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MedEcon Ruhr am 28. April 2021

Folgende Anfrage an das NRW-Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Innovation, Digitalisierung und Energie möchten wir hiermit weitergeben:

Herr Minister Prof. Dr. Pinkwart wurde vom Generalkonsul Indiens, Herrn Dr. Telang, um Unterstützung gebeten. Dieser bat ihn, den Kontakt aufzunehmen zu Unternehmen, die ggf. dringend benötigte Hilfsgüter zur Verfügung stellen können.

Unternehmen, Kliniken, Apotheken, etc. die Unterstützung anbieten können, wenden sich bitte direkt an das Generalkonsulat in Frankfurt.

Respected  Mr Minister Pinkwart,

I present my compliments to you and write to you on an urgent issue for which we need your kind assistance. As you would be aware, due to outbreak of the COvid-19 pandemic, India is witnessing an alarming increase in the number of Covid-19 cases. Many states have been badly affected by this second wave. In this difficult hour, we greatly appreciate the support and assistance announced by Chancellor Merkel yesterday. It is truly reflective of the friendship between our two countries in these challenging time. We are already in touch with some German companies for urgent assistance that we require to handle this situation. In particular, we are looking for the following life-saving medicines/equipment:

 (a) Inj. Remdesivir

(b) Tocilizumab

(c) Ventilators

(d) Oxygen concentrators

(e) Oxygen Cylinders of 40L and 10L capacity

 I will be grateful if your could kindly use your good offices and encourage the concerned German companies to assist us in providing this urgent assistance. In case they have any questions, I could be reached on the email or on the mobile +49 172 690 7752.

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